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Ministry of Interior:
Ministry of Labour:

Naturalization and Residency department – after approval from the concerned parties according to each case- can give the foreigner permission to enter the country for work. Consulate institutions that represent UAE outside can issue entry permits for foreigners to work in the government or public sector companies and organizations depending on approval from the place they are going to work in and after approval from naturalization and residency department.

Work entry permit allows its holder to enter the country once during 2 months from date of issuing and stay for 30 days maximum from the date of entry.

To obtain work entry permit person must do all procedures and apply the required documents depending on the category he is a part of and the place he will work in:

If work place is a private company or organization that its employees treated by the roles of work relations organizing law, or if the applicant is going to practice a handicraft work he must get ministry of labor approval, prepare the required documents and insure the validity of the activity practice license by matching the origin or with an approved copy, or by any proof that the original license is under processing.

If work place is a public company or organization or an institution, an application must be submitted directly to Naturalization and Residency department according to the following :

1. For working in:
Federal ministries- local department- rulers' offices and their representatives- departments related to rules, crown prince and rulers' deputies- parties that are not working under labor law. Naturalization and Residency department issues work entry permits to work in these places according to the decree of appointing the sponsored issued from the concerned party.

2. Public companies and organizations:
Naturalization and Residency department issue work entry permits to these parties according to the following:

Attach an approved copy from establishing decree in the first time.

Attach an approved copy from appointing the sponsored decree with entry permit form.

3. Companies and organizations working in the free zones:
Naturalization and residency department issue work permits to these bodies according to the following:

A) These companies and organizations must be located inside the borders of the free zones that been established and indicated by decrees or federal or local laws.
B) Work permits for employees in these companies or organizations are given according to the approval from the committee. This committee is formed by ministerial decree according to the regulations approved from the ministry in this issue.

4.Sport unions, clubs and associations:

Naturalization and residency department issue work permits to these bodies and it must be approved from ministry of education and youth.

5. Religious and charity organization:

Naturalization and residency department issue work permits to these bodies according to the following:
A) Attach an approved copy from the federal or local decree to establish it and consider it as public benefit organization.
B) Approve the form from the concerned governmental body.

6.People work in  police and security forces:

To issue work permit for People working in police and security forces the application must be approved from personal affairs in the concerned department.

7. People work in defense and army:

To issue work permit to People work in defense and army the following must be done:
A) Sign the form from the appointing place.
B) Approve the form from military investigation in the department that submits the form.


If the work environment is foreign or international organization the form submitted under these conditions: 

The work environment must be Embassy or consulate or international organization or social club or a school working under an embassy supervising.

The sponsored must be from administrative or non diplomat employees.

The form must be approved from the foreign ministry.


To issue entry permit for servant to foreign person the following must be done:

A) Sponsor's monthly salary must be 6000 AED or more.
B) Sponsor should pay every year to the state treasury an amount equal to the servant annual salary and servant's monthly salary must not be less than 400 AED.
C) Sponsor must not abdicated servant sponsorship during one year till the date of submitting the form.
D) Sponsor and sponsored must not be relatives.
E) Sponsor must be staying with his family in the country.
F) Women can sponsor servants if she was working in rare specialization like medicine, teaching, engineering or similar specializations that required university certificate or special courses for a year or more. Woman in this case must also meet sponsorship conditions.

· NRD doesn't issue work entry permit to replace absconding sponsored for categories not under labor law before 3 months from absconding.

· The person is not allowed to sponsor servants if it is proved in any time that this person wasn't able to pay the salary for one of his sponsored or pay the sponsored travel cost or left the sponsored with no work or if the sponsored been caught while working to others.

· The following categories of foreigners cant sponsor servant even if they earn more than 6000 AED monthly:

A) Servants
B) Workers



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