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Enabling us to negotiate with confidence and deliver high quality buildings to our customers, is our relationship with our suppliers. Our partnerships assist us to offer cost-effective solutions and deliver on time to the highest standards. Meeting our customers needs every time.

Our Clients

Our Consultants

Dubai Police Kling Consultant
Mr.Shafiq Abdel Hamid Gulf International
Emirates Islamic Bank Horizon Consultant
Arabian Gulf Trading Shadid Consultant
Mr.Abdul Salam Al-Saharif Cab Consultant
Mr.Moh'd Abdulh Safar Mazaya Consulting
Sharjah Social Improvement NEB
Mouhamed Amin Al-Khajah
Mr. Abdulla Saad Al Rakyan
Mr. Salim Arafat Al Bayed
Mr. Khalifa Rashid Al Abbar
Hamed Salem Hamed Soultan Al Abdouli
Saleem Fayek Ibrahim Al Sayeg & Partners